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For sponsorship opportunities with the AAU, contact:

Pam Marshall | Director of Sponsor Partner Services | 407-828-3859 | pam@aausports.org

Kyle Goudy | Sponsor Relations and Promotions | 407-828-3748 | kyle@aausports.org



ESPN Wide World of Sports

ESPN Wide World of Sports is a world class facility that offers athletes from a variety of different sports the opportunity to compete in a professional quality atmosphere. The AAU is proud to say that we host many of our largest events in conjunction with the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex. As an AAU member you know you are going to get nothing but the best whenever you participate in an event at ESPN.

ESPN Wide World of Sports



Nationwide Insurance is an insurance company people can trust to handle their auto, property, or life insurance.The AAU is happy to have been working with Nationwide and their team for the betterment of the kids and communities we work with. As an AAU member you are encouraged to contact a local Nationwide agent and take advantage of the discounts you are entitled to as a benefit on membership.



Eastbay has been on the cutting edge of consumer direct merchandising since the days of the catalog; and they have done an excellent job leading the field in transitioning to online sales. Eastbay and the AAU are a natural fit and share many common goals. Eastbay has done so much to enhance our AAU member experience from discounts to online stores for our AAU merchandise. Eastbay is also a great place for teams from a variety of sports to get their uniforms.



Gatorade is the Official Sports Fuel Provider of leagues such as the NFL, MLB, NHL, WNBA, and NBA; just to name a few. The AAU feels it is of the utmost importance that our members have a safe and fun environment to compete in. Hydration plays a big part in safety and performance of the athletes, and Gatorade has used science for years to create a formula that is optimized for athletes. Gatorade supplies a number of our events every year with product to help the athletes perform and recover from competition.


Bluestar Sports

Blue Star Sports, the leading youth sports systems integration and technology company is a strategic partner with the AAU, America’s longest standing youth sports organizing body. This historic partnership will deliver the world’s most innovative, technology-driven solutions to integrate AAU’s forward thinking vision of how AAU should partner with district organizations, clubs, leagues, teams, tournament operators, media and the athletes. The ultimate goal is to passionately empower all youth sport organizations and participants to have the best experience, with the most modern tools at the lowest cost. 



This partnership opens CaptainU’s industry leading recruiting software to AAU’s vast network of competitive youth sporting programs. The software is built to help all student-athletes get seen by college coaches and make a great college team. This provides AAU athletes and teams across the nation with CaptainU’s industry-leading online recruiting software, athlete engagement platform, and recruiting expertise, which is currently being utilized by millions of athletes and 20,000 college coaches.

Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance was formed to create an educational platform for coaches to learn ways to provide an atmosphere that allows youth athletes to have a positive, character-building experience. At the AAU we are about more than just sports, but helping to provide young people with a positive and safe environment to grow. The AAU values these principals so greatly that we have a mandatory policy that all coaches go through the necessary courses with PCA. These classes are provided at no cost to coaches, with AAU membership.



Spalding is the official ball of the NBA, WNBA, Euroleague, Arena Football League, and many other professional sports associations. Spalding produces a top-level ball across many sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and softball. As a part of the partnership between AAU and Spalding AAU members have access to high quality balls at many of the events in which we host. Spalding and the AAU are excited to continue pushing the envelope with ball technology and to provide the best membership experience possible. The official balls for AAU Basketball, Football, Baseball, and Softball are available on Spalding’s website.



OAI provides important parts of any youth sporting event and those are signage, and branding. OAI are specialists when it comes to visual branding, an integral part of any event. OAI works with the AAU to provide us the banners, bow flags, decals, and any additional signage the AAU needs when hosting an event. OAI is a one stop shop when it comes to promoting an event or business. To see what OAI can do for you check out their website.


MTM Recognition Rings|Awards

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MTM Recognition is a top-notch awards manufacturer and makes all of the trophies and medals for AAU National Championships. MTM produces high quality trophies and medals that our members have come to appreciate at the AAU. MTM and AAU have been working together to provide our members not only quality medals and trophies, but an effective ordering system and top level customer service.

Midwest Trophy


Savearound is a great utility for groups to use as a fundraising strategy for their endeavors. AAU and Savearound are a natural fit for working together. AAU member clubs can use Savearound as a fundraising tool to help subsidize some of the costs associated with traveling, uniforms, etc. We at the AAU are proud of our motto, “Sports for all, forever” and believe that resources like Savearound are another great way to help make participating in our events accessible for as many people as possible.


Sports Events

SportsEvent Magazine is an informational magazine that covers a wide range of amateur sports related topics. SportsEvent Magazine has great content that ranges from how-to articles about event planning all the way to news and information relevant in the sports industry. This magazine offers AAU members the information to stay up to date on what is going on in the youth sports marketplace. Check out their latest edition on their website.

Sports Events

National Council of Youth Sports

The National Council of Youth Sports was founded in 1979, and its membership serves 60,000,000 registered participants in organized youth sports programs. The AAU is proud to be a part of NCYS, and the largest organization in America representing the amateur sports industry. NCYS and AAU have a common goal to provide the best possible youth sports experience in America for today and for generations to come! The NCYS and AAU’s reach are broad and deep into the grassroots of American youth sports. For more information about NCYS check out their website.


National Association of Sports Commisions

The National Association of Sports Commissions was created to be a forum for Cities and Sports Commissions to come together with event operators like the AAU. The intention of the conference is to figure out ways to get events started in different regions of the country. The NASC Conference is so important to AAU that the AAU National Office has a presence at the conference annually. Many AAU members attend the conference and come away with valuable insight on how to work with cities to bring events into their local areas. To find out more about the conference check out their webpage.


The WNBA is the pinnacle of Women’s Basketball in America, and worldwide. Like the WNBA at the AAU we consider ourselves to be top providers of youth basketball in the country. Although basketball development is important the partnership between AAU and the WNBA is more far reaching than just that. We have been working together with the WNBA, more specifically Tina Charles to kick start an initiative that works to provide AEDs and CPR training in numerous impactful areas. These areas include, but are not limited to, schools and recreation centers. To find out more about what Tina and the WNBA are doing check out the WNBA’s website.

USA Football

USA Football and AAU Football have many of the same objectives when it comes to youth football in America. A major priority for both organizations is the safety of the participants. The AAU and USA Football are committed to teaching kid’s fundamentals and important skills to play the game the safest way possible. An example of a USA Football initiative is the Heads Up Football campaign. This is designed to instruct kids on how to properly tackle and block.

The AAU is committed to our athlete’s safety and best interest; and we take pride in making sure that we have all the available resources when it comes to player safety. For more information on Football and player safety check out their website.

USA Football