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Millions of young athletes participate in sports across America on a daily basis.

While undeniably a noble pursuit, there is an inherent risk involved in any athletic endeavor either as an athlete, coach, spectator, parent or event operator.

In today's litigious society, even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits. That's why general liability insurance is essential.

General Liability coverage is provided for properly registered athletes, non-athletes (i.e. coaches), people affiliated with the AAU through its members and clubs covering claims due to damage or injury caused by negligence or acts of omission during performance of duties or conducting business (i.e. running an event or hosting a practice). 

Program may include waiver of subrogation if facility requires the member club to have such coverage.  Member club must request said coverage by submitting a copy of written agreement when applying for the certificate of insurance and pay the appropriate administrative fee.  

For waiver of subrogation (coverage) to be in force, there must be a written facility contract executed prior to the date of the occurrence. 

Who is Insured?

  • Athletes and Non-Athletes
  • Member Clubs/teams
  • Event Organizers, promoters, facilities, sponsors and managers during AAU sanctioned events
  • Volunteers while acting in their capacity at an AAU sanctioned event
  • Amateur Athletic Union of the United States, Inc
  • AAU Districts, Governors and Administrators, AAU Directors and Officers
  • Officials while acting in their capacity at an AAU-sanctioned event
  • Spectators
  • People affiliated with the AAU through its members
  • Other parties named through the additional insured/named third party certificate program

What Activity is Covered?

  • Events approved/sanctioned by AAU
  • Supervised Practices by AAU clubs/members
  • Extended Coverage Program (AB)
Coverage Limits
Each Occurrence - per club/team Up to $10,000,000
Aggregate - per club/team per year Up to $12,000,000
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate Up to $12,000,000
Personal and Advertising Injury Up to $10,000,000
Participant Legal Liability   Up to $10,000,000
Property Damage Liability UP to $1,000,000

For more information on coverage see the Detailed Insurance Program Summary

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