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13 Feb 2018

Best Bats to Use at AAU Baseball Nationals in 2018

Best Bats to Use at AAU Baseball Nationals in 2018

Best Bats to Use at AAU Baseball Nationals in 2018

Baseball season is here!

Pitchers and catchers begin reporting to MLB Spring Training tomorrow and the AAU Baseball season is quick to follow. It’s time to hit the cages and begin fine-tuning that swing for this summer’s AAU national championship events in Florida.

Finding your ideal bat may be tougher that you think.

Are you in the market for a one-piece or two-piece bat? Would you rather have an end-loaded or balanced weight distribution? Composite or alloy barrel? That can be a lot to take in. Thankfully, though, our friends at Eastbay are here to help with the best BBCOR baseball bats of 2018.

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What bat is right for you?

One-Piece vs. Two-Piece Bats: Just like it sounds, the standard one-piece bat is one solid piece of metal all the way through, whereas a two-piece bat is actually two separate materials held together by a connector. This means you’ll get stiffer swings out of one-piece bats which lead to consistency and reliability. But if you want more flex and less vibration, the two-piece is a better option for you.

End-Loaded vs. Balanced: Your bat’s weight distribution plays a huge factor in the kind of game you play. If your bat is balanced, its weight will be evenly distributed and you will get quicker bat speed and more contact. On the flip-side, end-loaded bats are slower, but provide more power thanks to the added weight at the end of the barrel.

Composite vs. Alloy Barrels: Alloy gives you reliable, consistent bat and ball speed at the point of contact. Meanwhile composite takes time to break in, but tends to flex more so that you can get more power in your swing. Composite bats also provide a faster bat speed than their aluminum counterparts.

Let’s not forget that the brand of bat you choose is very important as well. Each brand offers their own unique features. Take a look at some of the best bats of 2018:




Balance at its finest. The Zen’s barrel is made with Paraflex composite, which makes the bat’s weight evenly distributed throughout. This allows a contact hitter to thrive at the plate.



Find the extra power you need to knock it out of the park at AAU Grand National Championships this season. Like the Zen, the Insane’s barrel is made with Paraflex technology, but instead of balancing, it focuses on end-loading the barrel which results in more power.



The longest tenured DeMarini bat is back and better than ever with its unique and flashy design. The Voodoo gives you even weight distribution with its precise X14 Alloy barrel and composite handle — a hybrid mix you don’t see often.




The replacement for the ever-popular Mako from years past, the Ghost X boasts a popular Dynamic Feel System. It uses CONNEXION technology to join an EXACT Carbon barrel with its handle. The result: a great-feeling two-piece bat.



The Beast X is the two-piece hybrid bat (composite handle and alloy barrel) made for the contact hitter looking to rake. Throw in an extended barrel for a larger sweet spot and you’re hitting balls into gaps all tournament long.




A lighter swing weight and maximum pop. The Prime 918 is a contact hitters dream. It’s a balanced two-piece fully composite bat that offers a lightweight design from its barrel and a custom lizard skin grip for an ideal feel on your batting gloves.




Get pop like you’ve never seen with the Cat7, a balanced one-piece bat that gives you a high response rate and increased strength with its alloy barrel. This is an ideal bat for a hitter looking for solid contact each at-bat.


Still not sold? Visit for an even wider selection of baseball bats and let us know which one you’ll be bringing with you to AAU national championship events this year.

Happy swinging!

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