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14 Jun 2015

Volleyball Nationals Blog - June 14th

Volleyball Nationals Blog - June 14th

Written by Leslie Murrell
Photo by Bob Safar

We made it to Orlando, but not without a few bumps in the road. Somewhere in Georgia, we went to pack up and continue our road trip. The kids weren’t too excited about getting back in the car. So, when we discovered our right front tire was completely flat, they kids were confused at their relief for seconds at the breakfast bar.


Chris is quite the car guy, so I knew he could handle this one. He only asks of me what I can handle, which at this point, was to Google where the nearest tire changing place was. I paced through the parking lot, asking Siri for her infinite insight, and while she posted a few places that were a quarter of a mile away, I did the strangest thing, I looked up from my phone.


What to my wondering eyes did I see but a tire changing place across the street. Chris was just as excited as I was because that meant he didn’t have to get the spare tire out from under the minivan to drive to Siri’s recommendation a quarter of a mile away.


If a minivan is the car of complete convenience, why do they put the spare tire under the car? And the tire changing tools in a panel that you can’t get to unless you unpack the entire minivan?


We had a little prayer of thanks and Chris ran the tire across the street. What could have been a half day ordeal was only a 30 minute set-back. I tried to explain to the kids how great the happenstance was. But they didn’t really care. So I just let it be Chris and I’s moment of triumph. I beat Google! I win!


We arrived at our delightful condo, unpacked, and I headed to the grocery store. Grocery shopping is a hobby of mine. I love it. But today, it wasn’t my home-base store, and everyone was in my way. If you haven’t heard, this is a tourist town, during high season, and Saturday is the turnover day for most resorts and condos. Also, everyone else needs food too. I got through it with my dignity in tact and my grocery list complete.


We had a lovely dinner, thanks to me and my hobby. And then headed to the pool to relax, stretch out, and move around a bit. After a while we went back up to our room to watch the Disney Fireworks from our porch. That’s a great way to end every day.


Today, we’re headed to Universal Studios! Then tomorrow, we’ll pick up our tickets for the week, relax and get ready for competition and enjoy the opening ceremonies. On our drive, I got to thinking about how proud I am of these girls. Of course my daughter is perfect in every way – but each of these girls on her team has worked so hard. They each have worked to get out of their comfort zone, to try, sometimes just reach for a ball, and they’ve succeeded. They’ve worked together, and learned to communicate effectively, but also how to build each other up. It’s a pretty special group of girls, and I’m so proud of each of them.


Here’s hoping for safe travels to each of you!

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