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7 Aug 2014

RECAP - 2014 AAU Junior Olympic Games Trampoline & Tumbling

RECAP - 2014 AAU Junior Olympic Games Trampoline & Tumbling

Trampolline and Tumbling is done with this year's competition in the 2014 AAU Junior Olympic Games! Hundreds of athletes around the country traveled to Des Moines to try to claim the gold in their age divisions. While several did take home shiny, new medals to their home towns, other walked away with Joel Ferrell Award honors and even some extra awards given by the Trampoline and Tumbling Committee. 

The Joel Ferrell Award recognizes outstanding athletic accomplishments and sportsmanship of an athlete representing each official sport at the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

Rachel Barnette was the female recipient of the Joel Ferrell Award in Trampoline and Tumbling. She is from the Central District and competes with Fox Volley. Barnette has five AAU National Titles, four AAU Junior Olympic Games and earned herself a spot on the 2011-2012 National Team. She has competed in AAU Trampoline and Tumbling for the past eight years, and has participated in the AAU Junior Olympic Games for the past seven of those eight. 

The other Joel Ferrell Award was presented to Dylan Bohn from the Central District, who competes with 5 Star. Bohn has been a member of the AAU National Team for the past six years and has earned 12 medals from the AAU Junior Olympic Games over the last 14 years of competing. He is also an Honor Roll student at McHenry East High School in Illinois. He is only 16 years old and 14 of those he has spent competing in the sport of Trampoline and Tumbling. He has been to the AAU Junior Olympic Games 11 times over the years and has earned numerous medals. He was also recognized three times as an All-American. 

During the Trampoline and Tumbling Parade of Athletes, the Amber Delancey Award was presented to Tyler Lackland. Amber tragically lost her life at the age of 16 and to honor her memory, the Amber Delancey Award was created. Her mother, Deb Delancey, presented the award after a moving speech. The criteria for this award were based on qualities that Amber possessed and are as follows: someone who was at least 15 years old, is everyone's cheerleader, has unfailing determination, takes seriously and recognizes the importance of being a good role model to others, supports their team and coaches and has good initiative. 

The selection of the athlete to receive the AAU Trampoline and Tumbling Athlete Memorial Scholarship is made by the Trampoline and Tumbling Sports Committee at the AAU Junior Olympic Games based on a 100 word application. All nominees were required to be a high school graduate or college student enrolled in college and have competed at the AAU Junior Olympic Games in Trampoline and Tumbling for at least two years. The winner of the Athlete Memorial Scholarship for 2014 is Jaden Peterson. 

The AAU Amanda Howe Sunshine Memorial Sportsmanship Award was also presented at the AAU Junior Olympic Games' Parade of Champions. To be eligible, athletes must meet these criteria: dedication to the sport of Tumbling and Trampoline, great sportsmanship, great desire, great personality and must be 16 years of age or older. This year's Amanda Howe Memorial Sportsmanship Award was awarded to 17 year old  Anna Finkelstein from Louisville, Kentucky. 

Central, Iowa and Ohio Districts dominated the 2014 District Awards. Central took home first place honors in Tumbling and Trampoline and the second place  in Double-Mini. Iowa grabbed second place in Tumbling and Trampoline and scored the number one spot in Double-Mini. Ohio took third place in all three divisions. For a full list of athletes from each district, please see below. 

For a list of the All-American Awards, please see below. 

CLICK HERE to view all of the ACTION PHOTOS! 

2014 AAU District Awards
1st Place - Central              2nd Place - Iowa 3rd Place - Ohio
Carly Butts                         Elizabeth Littlewood      McKenzie Flora
Elaan Bader                       Taylor Morley                Cassidy Folk
Megan Ballman                  Emma Blair                   Mary Abrams 
Brittany McGuire                Giavanna Gast               Allison Barber
Grace Tegler                      Ysena Doinquez             Katie Geier
Susie Staumer                   Brooke Trees                  Delilah Fold                    
Jenna Neil                          Brooke Beinhart              Ellie Fermann
Madelyn Kosowski              Kira Deaver                    Katlyn Barber
Karis Kovacs                      Piper Watson                 Morgan Nail
McKendra Barthelme           Breckin Smith                Katie Lambert
Dylan Bohn                                                             Haley Newton
1st Place - Central               2nd Place - Iowa 3rd Place - Ohio
Shelbi Lukens                      Tayiah Siegert               Bethany Lowery
Leah Weber                         Giavanna Gast               Kayla Finigan
Jenna Sharp                         Tanna Thompson           Cassidy Folk
Sami Breckenridge                Alilia Stott                    McKenzie Flora
Jenna Fugar                         Bryar Henderson            Mary Abrams
Susie Stauner                      Jacie-Aspen Flockhart    Haily Hacker
Miranda Smith                      Lilie Callow                    Katie Geier
Jennifer Sode                       Corey Oakes                  Amber Russell
Rachael Barnette                  Kira Deaver                    Delilah Folk
Tyler Lackland                      Lane Franck                   Katie Lambert
                                           Jolynn Harris                                                                                                                                                            Mackenzie Schuster


1st Place - Iowa                    2nd Place - Central          3rd Place - Ohio 
Tatum Heckenstein               Shelbi Lukens                  Bethany Lowery
Ella Jirak                              Taylor Bloomer                 Kolbi Moell
Ashlyn Elmore                      Chelsea Tester                 Cassidy Folk
Kyah Siegert                         Mia Shafer                       Amber Kuck
Tanna Thompson                   Bryanna Kelley                Mary Abrams
Michelle Zang                        Lindsey Dobson              Hailey Hacker
Ava Paige                             Jenna Neil                       Katie Geier
Elysabeth Grose                   Stephanie Dehme            Amber Russell
Darci Wiseman                     Morgan Vandyck             Abby Gromek
Maddison Kruse                    McKendra Barthelme       Katlyn Barber
Brooke Beinhart                     Tyler Lackland                
Richard Latham
Lillian Marks


All American Awards
Tumbling Girls
                                        Tumbling Boys

McKendra Barthelme                                 Dylan Bohn
Haley Kelly                                               Giovanni Ramos
Tyara Green                                              Marreon Washington

Doubline Mini Girls                                 Double Mini Boys
McKendra Barthelme                                 Richard Latham
Abby Gromer                                            Breckin Smith
Lillian Marks                                             Corban Morris

Trampoline Girls                                     Trampoline Boys
Lashauna Blockwood                                 Guy Hunt
Jolynne Harris                                           Breckin Smith
Rachael Barnette                                       Tristan Whitman

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