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25 Jul 2014

Powerlifter Takes Her Strengths to Other Sports

Powerlifter Takes Her Strengths to Other Sports

"Yeah, I can lift a little bit."

That's Ali Lazarus' go-to remark when someone judges her powerlifting abilities based on her appearance. In the 88 pound weight class at 13 years old, she's used to being judged by her small stature. But once she steps up to the bar, the people judging are put in their place.

In the Female Powerlifting competition at the 2014 AAU Junior Olympic Games, Lazarus has some shiny, new hardware to show those naysayers. She took home the silver in the Full Meet-Raw division. 

She will also be competing in Olympic Weightlifting, Combine and Feats of Strength over the weekend. Lazarus said her favorite sport out of all of those is powerlifting and her favorite event in Powerlifting is the deadlift. 

Along with Strength Sports in the AAU Junior Olympic Games, she also competes on the Calvary Baptist Academy Middle School Cheer team. Combining the two sports has helped her excel in both.  
"It actually helps you out a lot more than you'd think because I'm a flyer," she explains. "When they throw you up in the air it takes a lot of strength and you don't realize how much it takes. Once I started this, it started helping me a lot." 

This is her first year at the Junior Olympic Games and she said so far she is having "a lot of fun." 

Good luck in the rest of your competitions, Ali! We hope to see you again next year!

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