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1 Mar 2013

Feats of Strength Added to Junior Olympic Games

Feats of Strength Added to Junior Olympic Games

Lake Buena Vista, FL-- An exciting new event testing speed and athleticism will unfold in Detroit this summer at the AAU Junior Olympic Games.

The Feats of Strength Allsports Combine (link here) will consist of five separate events conducted on July 27th in the Cobo Center.  The events are 40-yard sprint, standing long jump, strict pull-ups, bench press for repetitions, and power clean for repetition.  Points will be assessed for each event in each age group to determine the combine high score, and a single combine registration fee covers all athletes, regardless of whether they participate in one, several, or all five events. 

“The combine idea grew from our Feats of Strength competitions,” says Steve Wood, AAU Strength Sports National Chairman.  “We selected events that best represented the attributes of speed and power that coaches are looking for in their athletes, and we put them together in a single meet.  We encourage the kids to enter as many of the events as they desire; obviously, those who enter more of the events will have a better chance of achieving an overall high score at the combine.”
“The combine is about measuring raw athleticism,” says Hal Pittman, AAU Strength Sports Vice Chairman and meet director.  “For years, people have pondered which sport attracts the best athletes…  At the Games this year, this one-day combine presents the opportunity for athletes in every sport to test themselves against others in their same age group from different sports.  We’ll be leaving registration open up until the Games commence to attract more participants.”

This year’s Junior Olympic Games combine will be similar to combines held by several of the Olympic sports teams, as well as the combines in college and professional sports.  “The great thing about our event in the Junior Olympics,” Pittman says, “is that athletes from every AAU sport can compete fairly on an even playing field, and good athletes in all sports will perform well in the combine.”

CLICK HERE for entry information for the combine. Next month we will detail some ways that highly trained youth and teen athletes might increase their chances of excelling at the 2013 AAU Junior Olympic Games Feats of Strength Allsports Combine.

For more information about FOS All-Sports Combine, visit

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