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12 Mar 2013

Oakville to host 2015 Cross Country Nationals

Oakville to host 2015 Cross Country Nationals

Written by: Chris Yow The Moulton Advertiser. Staff writer

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The Oakville Indian Mounds cross country course holds several high school races throughout the fall each year, including the state championships.

In 2008, the course was home to the National Championships for the Amateur Athletic Union's cross country division.

After bids were accepted this year, the course was chosen to host the event once again in December 2015.

"It says a lot about our venue when the event is held at places like Disney World and in much bigger cities," said Lawrence County cross country coach Stanley Johnson.

Johnson said several members of his team and students from Hatton team up to run in these AAU races, and would participate in the event against runners from across the country.

"There are runners from California to New York," Johnson said. Although the event is being held in Lawrence County, the Decatur Chamber bid on the event and won, but those visiting will certainly come through Lawrence County.

The event brings tourists from across the nation to one of the most beautiful and unique cross country venues.

"It's an honor to host such a big event," said Johnson. "It says a lot about the folks who work hard at Oakville to make their course one of the top courses in the country."

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