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18 Jul 2013

AAU Club National Championships: WRAP-UP

AAU Club National Championships: WRAP-UP

This weekend concluded the 2013 AAU Club National Championships.  Hundreds of track and field athletes filled the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex in Orlando, FL ready to win a gold medal, break records, and qualify for the 2013 AAU Junior Olympic Games in Detroit, Michigan taking place later this month.  Our athletes brought their A-game and managed to break 59 records over the course of the 7 day meet, which can be seen here. 

A few highlights from 2013 AAU Club National Championships: 

• 173 total Heats of 100 meters were run in 2 hours and 33 minutes, which equates about the same distance as 10.7 miles. 

• 212 total Heats of 200 meters were run in 3 hours, which equates about the same distance as a 26.1 mile marathon. 

• We ran 288 total heats on Thursday and 26 flights of field events. 

• We also ran 43.7 miles of 400 meters (176 Heats of 400 meters).  

• On Friday, Daesha Rogers won her 6th straight 1500 meters in the 14 years old race.  She did not break the record this year but holds the record in the 1500 meters in 5 straight age groups (9, 10, 11,12, 13).  She also holds records in the 800 which she broke on Thursday in the prelims of the 800 meter and holds the record in the 800 meters in 3 age groups (8,9,13).  She also qualified to the 400 meter final with the best time. Daesha Rogers has broken 14 records in her career.  Number 13 was the 400 meter final with a time of 55.82. And number 14 came in the 800 where she broke her own record she set in the prelims. 

• Terry Simuel broke his record in the 800 that he set in the prelims. 

Good luck to those who qualified for the 2013 AAU Junior Olympics!  

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