AAU Boys’ Basketball National Championships- Summer RECAP

AAU Boys’ Basketball National Championships- Summer RECAP

It was an action packed summer for AAU Boys’ Basketball! For the first time in years, AAU Boys’ Basketball Nationals were spread out in different locations all over the country! It was no surprise that, as in years past, the teams brought their best game and competition was at an all-time high! Teams came with one goal in mind: to take home the glory, the hardware and showcase their skills on the national stage. Congratulations to all who competed in 2014! Special shout-out to all of the newly crowned National Champions!



2nd Grade Nationals- Memphis, TN- 
Champion -  MN Spartans Elite
Runner-Up - NightRydas Elite

3rd Grade Division Nationals- Orlando, FL-
Champion - Riverside Hawks
Runner-Up - Maryland’s Pride

4th Grade Nationals- Lexington, KY
Champion - Maryland’s Finest
 Runner-Up - Mathews Dickey Finest

5th Grade Nationals- Cocoa Beach, FL
Champion - We All Can Go Allstars
Runner-Up - NTX Tarheels Elite

6th Grade Nationals- Hampton, Virginia
Champion - Oakland Soldiers
Runner-Up - We All Can Go

7th Grade Nationals- Memphis, TN
Champion - Team CP3
Runner-Up- City Stars

8th Grade Nationals- Orlando, FL
Champion - Georgia United Elite
Runner Up- Sport U Izod

9th Grade Nationals- Little Rock, Arkansas
Champion- Team Penny Merriweather
Runner Up- Arkansas Wings Elite- 15U

10th Grade Nationals- Louisville, KY
Champion- Arkansas Wings Elite- EYBL
Runner Up- Nova Village Rockets

11th Grade Nationals- Louisville, KY
Champion- The Ville
Runner Up- Albany City Rocks EYBL

12th Grade Nationals- Louisville, KY
Champion- Team Michigan
Runner-Up- S’Shore Warriors Sidney



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