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7 Jan 2015

                                My AAU Story- Alyssa Crane- AAU Karate

My AAU Story- Alyssa Crane- AAU Karate


Why do I do AAU? I do AAU karate because its a ton of fun! I'm 18 year old black belt and have been in karate since I was 8, in AAU tournaments I have had some of the best competition I have ever seen!

I started AAU karate in 2011/2012 and loved it so much I continued the following year! 2012 AAU Nationals in Chicago was one of the most memorable experiences of my lifetime and I'm looking forward to going again. I am also proud to say that I attended the AAU Junior Olympic Games in 2013  thanks to being part of AAU!

I am part of a team of 24 and am one of the oldest. I am also a coach and couldn't be more proud of how far the team has come! As a competitor I participate in Sanban Kumite, Kata, long and short Kobudo, Ippon Kumite, and mandatory Kata, landing me with 6 events at tournaments!

Although I'm not the best I have so much fun doing AAU karate it motivates me to be the best I can be! I practice 6 to 7 days a week and always have an amazing time! I have made some great friends through AAU and I know I will never ever lose touch with them!

I am proud to say I compete in AAU karate an I couldn't be more thankful of my Sensei for getting our dojo started in AAU!

- Alyssa Crane

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