17 Mar 2015

AAU 14-Under Youth Indoor National Championships- RECAP

AAU 14-Under Youth Indoor National Championships- RECAP

“Thanks for running an awesome meet! Our kids loved the experience. I know it has taken a lot of work, commitment, and sacrifice to get it to this level and we really appreciate it.”


“Thanks again for everything this weekend. My daughter and I had a wonderful time in Michigan and really enjoyed your meet. I can only imagine the amount of work something like that must take for you…..We really enjoyed it!!!”


“My daughter took 4th place and did end up with three medals total. All in 4th place but her first meet ever, at the same location where my son had his last meet 4 years ago. My son was 17, and following the meet was indoor Nationals in Illinois but he passed away as a result of a car accident in between those two meets. He was never able to try for his medal that year and was most likely going to place in the top three, so this was a very special meet for my family in more ways than just one! She also had bib #141 and her brother/my son’s football number was #4 so, although 1st place is the best. 4th place wins for her first time were very special to us! Thank you for the memories, tears, and smiles that AAU track was able to bring back to this momma! I think it’s important for you to know how your organization touches lives where you may never even know.”

The above statements from parents and participants, speak volumes to the success of the AAU 14-Under Youth National Track & Field Championship held at Eastern Michigan University-Bowen Field House Indoor Track in Ypsilanti, Michigan. With only a short time to plan, we can say that we most certainly met our goal of creating a fun filled, family oriented but competitive environment for all that attended this inaugural meet. Rocking and dancing to the sounds of Bruno Mars, Ariana Grande, Chris Brown and many other popular artist delivered through DJ Gerald or sitting on the edge of their seat being mesmerized by the announcing of races by Calvin Johnson, there were 492 registered participants accompanied by approximately 1500 or more spectators each day from as far as California and Texas to as close as Ohio and Indiana enjoying the ambiance created in Bowen. According to the positive feedback from the spectators, coaches, volunteers and event staff, this meet is expected to grow in participation next year and we will most certainly be ready for the challenge. We are already in the planning stages for next year to accommodate some of the events that have been requested such as multi-events, pole-vault and triple jump. We are also exploring moving the event to a 3-day event which is tentatively scheduled for March 4-6, 2016 at Bowen Field House again.

However, we must give an overwhelming thank you to the Michigan AAU Athletics Committee, National AAU Athletics Committee, National AAU Office staff, the Athletics Awards volunteers, Eastern Michigan University Athletics/Rec. IM staff, Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti CBV, Detroit Sports Commission,  Greg Forman of G4-Photos (www.gregoryphotography313.com), Announcer Calvin Johnson and Sounds by DJ Gerald for the collective effort and working together to make this event a huge success and positive AAU experience. Thank you again for all of your contributions.

Respectfully Yours,

Darnell & Karen Hall

States represented at the meet: 













New Jersey

New York











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