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15 Jun 2015

Volleyball Nationals Blog - June 15th

Volleyball Nationals Blog - June 15th

Written by Leslie Murrell
Photograph by Bob Safar

Opening Ceremonies and Momcations

Today is our rest day and opening ceremonies. We are resting to get Lucy ready to go for her tournament. We’re all looking forward to the opening ceremonies tonight.

A few tips from me and the River City Juniors 131’s team moms:

·      Opening Ceremonies is fun, and the girls have a blast participating in it. Don’t brush it off as something silly. It’s kind of a big deal, to be here, and it’ll set your volleyball player’s mind as such.

·      Get there early, if you can.

·      Doors open at 5:00p.m.

·      If up to capacity (and I’m guessing it will be – because I’ll be there) Opening Ceremonies will start EARLY at 6:30p.m.

For more information about Opening Ceremonies, please CLICK HERE.

We spent half a day in Islands of Adventure yesterday. Per my MyFitnessPal app, I burned 1,200 calories walking a slow pace for 6 hours. So, that was my workout!

We left all of our phones at the condo. That left the kids to see it all for themselves and not in some Instagram captured moment, me, the same – but with Facebook, and not making my kids pose in front of every cool statue or back drop. We had more fun enjoying the moment, and took odd pleasure in watching other parents yell at their kids to smile for the darn camera. We took nothing but sunscreen, money, and the car keys.  We did have to put those minimal items in a locker to ride The Incredible Hulk. It was worth it, though! So, we skipped the baggage check and walked right on through. We bought bottled waters and just refilled them all day. Our simple approach made it fun and easy.  I highly recommend it.

Today, we’re taking a break from our vacation. Which in Momville, means laundry, dishes, and making sandwiches. I want kids to have their own vacation, and announced I’ll cook and clean and do the laundry if they’ll appreciate it. The look on their faces was like the first time they met Mickey Mouse when they were six years old. The glee and excitement and curiosity of whether it was a real moment – was the mouse real, and was mom serious?

The real story, just between you and me, is we have a galley kitchen which has the capacity to hold one mom. No others. Besides, if the kids had any responsibility on this trip, I’d be stepping over shoes and clothes and probably plates and cups. I’d be nagging all the time. Sure I’m doing all the laundry and cooking and cleaning, but taking a break from nagging has been delightful. It’s kinda my own private vacation when the cleaning is getting done right the first time.

Since Max and Lucy are twins, everything must be fair and even. So, if I’m taking care of Lucy and all of her needs, Max

 gets to piggy back on this deal. It’s only fair, right? More importantly, Max gets the short end of this stick no matter how you look at it. Sure, he’ll be a tall handsome teen in a sea of athletic, smart girls. However, the kid can’t stay still. Watching sports instead of playing them is prime torture on Max. He did get to go to the theme park and play in the pool, and even shoot hoops at our condo. But for the next four days, he’ll be sitting in a gym, watching. So, if you see me peppering with him on a sideline somewhere, it’s only to relieve some of the pain from the kid.

I’m sure most of us have grumbling siblings. Prepare accordingly, pack a lot of snacks and drinks. We pack gum to tide them over between snacks. We allow our kids to be on their phones or read a book in between games, but not when their sibling is playing. When playing, we watch and cheer and support each other. Lucy has spent endless days on football and baseball fields, at track meets, and at basketball tournaments. It’s only fair that Max gets paybacks and gets to watch Lucy shine for a while. Y’all know what I’m talking about.

My job as a mom this week is to make sure Lucy (and Max too, I guess) gets plenty of rest, fed well, and gets to her games on time each day. I want her focused on playing well, not whether the dishwasher has been loaded or whether we should have broccoli or green beans with dinner. (When I can’t decide, I serve both.)

Besides, if I work hard this week, then Chris will feel compelled to drive the entire way back home. Speaking of back home, most of y’all are probably watching the College World Series this week which is in Omaha, Nebraska. We left the crazy of the College World Series taking over our town to come here, where volleyball, and a certain mouse rule. For this week, anyway. 

Good Luck to all the teams out there this week! 

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