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19 May 2015

AAU National Office Welcomes New Interns

AAU National Office Welcomes New Interns

Now that the interns are in the office, the AAU summer season has officially begun! Wednesday, May 13th marked a special day for 8 lucky individuals at the AAU National Office in Lake Buena Vista, Florida as they began their internship program for the summer.

Our internship program provides on-the-job learning experiences, educational sessions, site visits, and the ability to expand knowledge and understanding of the organization and industry as a whole. The AAU Internship Program is open to college students and recent college graduates.

Get to know the 2015 AAU Summer Internship Staff below!

Pictured (from left to right):

Front: Name: Chris Fox
Position: Event Operations – All Sports
School and Grad Year: University of Central Florida; May 2014
Why the AAU? Growing up, sports were a big part of my childhood so I would like to help give amateurs the opportunity to compete in sports.
Favorite Sport: Wrestling
Future plans: I plan on starting my career in the sports business industry.
Fun Fact: I wrestled at UCF becoming a three time national qualifier and team captain my senior year.

Name: Kelly Cottrell
Position: Event Operations – All Sports
School and Grad Year: University of Central Florida, May 2016
Why the AAU? I wanted to combine my passion for sports with my Event Management major and gain experience in the sports industry.
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Future plans: I hope to one day become an event coordinator for a professional sports team.
Fun Fact: I am from Chicago and love deep dish pizza!

Name: Taylor Dore
Position: Basketball Operations
School and Grad Year: University of Maine Orono, Class of 2015
Why the AAU? It’s one of the most well-known sports programs in the US and abroad so I could not think of a better place to further my education in athletics.
Favorite Sport: Basketball, more specifically Duke Basketball
Future plans: Hopefully become a part of the AAU team or a director of a military CYS facility
Fun Fact: My number one choice for a vacation destination is Chernobyl in the Ukraine.

Name: Taylor Marten
Position: Volleyball Operations
School and Grad Year: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Class of 2017
Why the AAU? Being able to plan and facilitate an event that hosts 2200+ teams will drastically help me to develop my skills and advance my knowledge in the field of athletics. Working for the AAU also allows me to work for a not for profit and national organization, which is not something I have not had the opportunity to do before.
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Future plans: I plan to attend Graduate School to earn a Masters Degree in Sports Administration. After that, I hope to work for the United States Olympic Team or as a Director of Operations for collegiate basketball, track and field, or volleyball.
Fun Fact: I was born and raised in a small town in Nebraska with a population of 76 people.


Name: Shannon Craighead
Position: Social Media
School: Stetson University ‘16
Why the AAU? I had an amazing learning experience last year as part of the internship program and the social media team. I'm excited to see what we can accomplish this summer!
Favorite Sport: Volleyball
Future Plans: I would love to work in social media for a professional sports team (preferably the Patriots). If not, I would love to plan special events for a sports team or Disney World.
Fun Fact: Currently in training for whenever they finally add four-square as an Olympic event.

Name: Quinshon Odom
Position: Event Operations – All Sports
School and Grad Year: Florida State University Graduate Student, 2015
Why the AAU? I decided to accept the AAU opportunity because I am interested in learning the logistics and operations of a very successful and highly respected sports organization.
Favorite Sport: College Football
Future plans: Director of Football Operations (College)
Fun Fact: Played quarterback for Shaw University, which a Division 2 institution in Raleigh, N.C.

Name: Meneftha Pierre
Position: Event Operations – All Sports
School: University of Central Florida (GO KNIGHTS)
Grad Year: December 2015
Why the AAU: About 6 years ago I played for Wave Runners Basketball team from West Palm Beach Florida and we came to an AAU tournament at the Milk House. My love for sports and motivation to gain new experiences fueled me to go after this internship. I am excited to be on the opposite side of the spectrum this time around.
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Future plans: I would like to attend grad school then work in Player Development or Community Relations for a major collegiate or professional sports team. My ultimate dream is to work for NBA CARES.
Fun Fact: I was voted Best All Around by my High School Senior Class.

Name: Zack Barker
Position: Junior Olympics Operations
School: Stetson University ‘15
Why the AAU? I thought that this experience would be something different for me and this organization would let me expand and learn new things.
Favorite Sport: Football
Future plans: I would like to become a sports psychologist.
Fun Fact: I can do a 5x5 rubik’s cube.

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