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17 Sep 2014

2014 AAU Joel Ferrell Award – Kung Fu

2014 AAU Joel Ferrell Award – Kung Fu

2014 AAU Junior Olympic Games
Des Moines, Iowa

Joel Ferrell Award Winner for Kung-Fu

Kung-Fu is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s Joel Ferrell Award presented to Ty Roberts, from American Wellness Center in South Texas. The Joel Ferrell Award is presented each year to an athlete who demonstrates outstanding athletic accomplishments and sportsmanship.  This year’s award was presented by Dave Pickens, AAU Kung-Fu National Co-Chair. 

Dave Pickens stated, “As one of the judges, this award was tightly contested between Ty Roberts and his team mate Milabella Vasquez, both members of the Steve Star Mantis clan housed out of American Wellness Institute in Killeen, Texas. During the day both were seen exhibiting good sportsmanship by cheering all competitors on, smiling, making friends and in general keeping the spirits up of the entire group of competitors.”

Each competitor in the running for the Joel Ferrell Award swept their respective fields of gold medals in multi divisions with Ty capturing six (6) Gold medals. One judge said if we could not arrive at a winner we should flip a coin because both had impressed him that much!

Dave Pickens has watched Ty since he was 6 years old and believes this young man has been a constant top competitor along with always displaying that friendly smile and the grace of a true sportsman. His control and complete dominance in continuous light contact sparring along with the outstanding ability to t deliver his techniques and retreat without having a strike or kick against him was the final attribute earning him my vote for the first Joel Ferrell award issued to a Kung Fu competitor. Someday this young man will be a leader and we will all say we knew him when!

The Joel Ferrell award winner showed exemplary sportsmanship during the entire event and we are looking forward to a great event next year in Virginia!  

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