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4 Jan 2013

AAU Jump Rope Gives Back

AAU Jump Rope Gives Back

ON PURPOSE JOURNEY INC. is working with Army Major and ISAF Headquarters to sponsor a world record event and outreach activity in Afghanistan.

It’s official! An Army Major (On Purpose Journey Inc. supports at ISAF Headquarters currently in Afghanistan) and the Afghanistan National Olympic Committee have asked On Purpose Journey Inc. to help sponsor an outreach activity with Afghan girls and women on 21 March 2013.

The Army Major will be pairing this outreach event with attempting to break a Guinness World Record--she will attempt to conduct over 10,000 jump rope repetitions in 60 minutes at the Kabul Olympic Training Center.

21 March is Afghanistan's New Years Day, and the team will work to have 1,200 women attend this event. The Army Major will teach jumping techniques as part of the event, and the women will receive the donated jump ropes for participating in this event. The plan is to invite girls from throughout Afghanistan by drawing on village, provincial, and regional schools to witness the event.


What is the importance of this type of outreach? Besides the women they reach directly at this event, in the broader context, the event will promote opportunities for women’s sport in Afghanistan. The Army Major will be dedicating her Guinness World Record attempt to the women of Afghanistan, in hopes of a future that is much brighter and more fulfilling than the recent past.

On Purpose Journey Inc. is asking for help from individuals/companies/organizations/groups to obtain 1200 jump ropes for the event and raise funds for shipping the ropes overseas.

On Purpose Journey Inc. received the first donation of 70 jump ropes from the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), so we are now in need of 1,130 ropes and shipping funds for the ropes to get to Afghanistan before the March 2013 event.

If you can help reach out to athletic organizations, would like to donate new jump ropes, or can contribute financially to either purchase or ship jump ropes overseas, please visit our website Donate Page for donation/mailing information. On Purpose Journey Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit charity. Donation Page:

For more information on programs and services provided solely by volunteers (not paid so all your donations are used for our programs!), please visit

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