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17 Jan 2013

Girls Basketball Member Breaks National Record

Girls Basketball Member Breaks National Record

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Written by: Ryan Braschler

Owensboro Catholic Senior and AAU Girls Basketball member Rebecca Greenwell's list of accomplishments is long; Team USA, sixth ranked recruit in the country and future Duke Blue Devil.  But until Monday night, Greenwell was in her sister Rachel's shadow, sort of.  Rachel held the Catholic record for three point field goals in a game (10).  That is, until the Lady Aces took on Whitesville Trinity. 

The Greenwell family owns Whitesville Trinity.

"We were kind of joking before the game," says coach Ray Zuberer Jr. "This is the same team her sister broke the record (against)."

"I told him I might want to try and break it," Greenwell says. "He told me the only way he'd let me try to do it is if I hit my first five threes."... she went ahead and made the first six shots she took. All from behind the arc.

Rebecca tied her sister's record by halftime, going 10 of 12 in the first two periods.
"The crowd was really getting into it, " she says. "They were letting me know how close I was."
"Once she got close to the state record, she started forcing some shots," says the coach.  "The crowd was ooh-ing and aah-ing with every shot.  If she missed they would go 'oooooh' and if she made it they would (cheer)."

Greenwell finished with 51 points, 28 total shots, 17 threes. But she had no idea she'd just blown away a national record, previously set at 15.
"I think I was just on fire that night," she adds humbly. "I don't usually go 63% from behind the arc, so I think it was just a good night for me."
"There are a lot of records she could get if she'd been able to play her junior year and all of this year," says Zuberer. "So, I think she's deserving and I'm glad she's got the record."
Greenwell and the Lady Aces play in the All-A Classic final game on Thursday.

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