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7 Mar 2013

Nettin’ with Nneka: The AAU Basketball Season is HERE!

Nettin’ with Nneka: The AAU Basketball Season is HERE!

Hello All!

I hope the New Year finds everyone well and that you are all still holding tight to your resolutions. Diligence and motivation are key so keep up the great work! It is crazy to think that the high school season is drawing to a close. I hope the work you put in for this season helped you get better as an individual and as a great teammate.  Now that school ball is done, it’s time to look forward to the AAU season. Just as you had to manage your schedule during school ball, keeping up with that responsibility during club ball is equally as important, if not more.

AAU season can be very exciting. You have the opportunity to play with your close friends, travel nationwide, improve your skills, play in front of college coaches, attend camps, and compete with the best. All of this is as exciting as it is busy, and, don’t forget, you’re still in school during the first half of the season. With this you must continue to juggle schoolwork, practice, traveling, and so much more. I remember how important it was for me to formulate a regimen that suited me in order to stay on top of school while also prioritizing basketball.

I suggest using a day planner or a notebook to schedule your time. Organize what you have to do, make to-do lists, schedule your time. After school, go to study hall and get some work done before practice. I always liked getting home as soon as school was out and getting as much work as I could get done before practice. When it was time for practice I wouldn’t have so much to do when I go home and could afford to stay a little later to get a little more skill work done.

At this point, in high school, your class work and your court work are important to pay attention to because now is the time for you to get better in both areas. I like to call it your “sensitivity period”; the period in your life where the most improvement is achieved. With a lot of focus and even a little bit of responsibility, a little can go a long way. Try your best to build your own schedule and you will see how much less stressful this time can be for you!

Embrace the transitioning of your seasons. I know I am.  Here in Poland, we are headed to the Euroleague Final 8, which is a HUGE accomplishment! As the season welcomes playoffs we are all very focused and are working hard to keep consistent in order to have a successful post-season. I look forward to telling you how we finish! 

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