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24 Oct 2013

2014 AAU Youth Leadership Award Winners Announced

2014 AAU Youth Leadership Award Winners Announced

Lake Buena Vista, FL – Congratulations to Gabriel Basalatan and Emily Kaii-Ziegler for being this year’s AAU Taekwondo Leadership Award recipients.

Both applicants have demonstrated leadership qualities and will receive a $1,000 scholarship toward continuing their education.  Gabriel and Emily have shared with us their unforgettable moments in taekwondo, as well as what taekwondo has taught them.  Ready below what they had to say.

The Female Winner for the award is Emily Kaii-Ziegler.

Congratulations to Emily Kaii-Ziegler, this year’s female recipient of the 2013 Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo Youth Leadership Award.

Meet Emily Kaii-Ziegler, an accomplished 3rd Degree Black Belt Taekwondo athlete, coach & assistant instructor.  Some of her interests besides Taekwondo include studying and earning a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu, National Honor Society, volunteer work at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church  & helping youth in the community.          

Emily’s competition record was astonishing having participated and won numerous state and national events.  Besides being a multiple AAU National Gold Medalist, she has won the Athlete of the Year award twice.  One of her biggest accomplishments was being selected as the Joel Ferrell Award winner for her outstanding performance at the 2013 AAU Junior Olympic Games. 

Being an Assistant Instructor, Emily has shown great leadership inside and outside of her school.  Emily has distinguished herself to boast a 4.0 GPA and is enrolled in the International Baccalaureate Program.

The Male Winner for the award is Gabriel Basalatan.

Congratulations to Gabriel Basalatan, this year’s male recipient of the 2013 Amateur Athletic Union Taekwondo Youth Leadership Award.

Meet Gabriel Basalatan, an accomplished third degree black belt with over 10 years of Taekwondo experience.  Some of his interests besides Taekwondo are being involved with the Filipino Club, Bantay Bata, & he is very accomplished competing in Ballroom Dancing.

Gabriel’s competition record is nothing short of outstanding; competing in numerous local, national & international events!  One of his career highlights was receiving the Joel Ferrell Award at the 2010 AAU Junior Olympic Games. 

Born with a “never give up” attitude enables Gabriel to balance training in Central & Northern New Jersey and still maintain an excellent GPA for the last few years.  Gabriel spends much of his free time with family and friends and is an excellent role model as an Assistant Instructor at his Taekwondo School.

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