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17 Jan 2013

Nettin’ with Nneka: Happy New Year!

Nettin’ with Nneka: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Another year has come and gone! Time sure does fly . . .  when you’re in season (lol). More seriously, I feel very blessed to see another year of success, health, and happiness. Aside from popping fireworks and watching the ball drop, everyone knows what else the New Year welcomes: resolutions. In other words: What do you expect of yourself? How high are your standards? Where will you raise the bar?

These are some thought-provoking questions! You’re probably thinking that you’re too young for a New Year’s resolution or that you you’re not ready or prepared. I know these thoughts once, and sometimes still do, cloud my judgment, but we all want change, and change doesn’t happen by practicing the same things. We are the change that we seek. It is up to you, individually, to decide what you want, lay out a plan, and follow through.

Your resolutions may involve getting better grades, involving yourself more in extracurricular activities, or putting more time in the gym, these are all great starts. If you have a goal, lay out your plan so you can attack everything a little bit at a time. Don’t just say “I’m going to improve my basketball skills” or “I’m going to get straight A’s” and be done with your resolutions. Set mini-goals within each larger goal to truly achieve what you want. For example, this next WNBA season I plan on being a better shooter. With that being said, I don’t just go to practice and start bombing 3s and half court shots. I come early and leave later. I practice set shots (short-range and long-range). Once I’ve mastered that, I work on pull-ups. After I feel comfortable with that, I practice ball-handling moves into my shot and so forth. Practice makes perfect may sound cliché, but it applies to goal setting in any case.

Resolutions and goal setting are never too late to start but are often short-lived. Set goals, write them down, and believe in yourself. Practice for it, work toward it, and have fun doing it.  It may be tough at first, but when results show, it’s priceless.

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