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9 Oct 2013

Stephen Souky Celebrates AAU Anniversary

Stephen Souky Celebrates AAU Anniversary

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Stephen Souky has a hard time believing how quickly time flies. It seems as though he only blinked and already it has been a year since he helped to found the newest girls' AAU basketball squad in Niskayuna. The squad plays games all over town and sometimes even travels around the state to play against other AAU squads. This way, the girls get to expand their horizons while playing against a diverse and many-leveled pool of basketball talents.

"It has been such a blessing," says Stephen Souky. "The girls are all so great, and the squad is an amazing amount of fun. In addition, it's such a rewarding feeling to know that at the end of the day you are doing your small part to help enrich the lives of these young girls." Stephen Souky decided to organize the new squad when he noticed a need in the community for a traveling basketball squad that was not affiliated with any local schools. Girls from many different backgrounds have signed up to join, resulting in a lot of new experiences for everyone involved.

Stephen Souky couldn't be happier about the results the AAU basketball squad has seen in its first year. "We have had a surprising and wonderful turnout, in terms of registration numbers and the excitement level of these girls,"Stephen Souky says. "The fact that girls from all different social and economic and educational backgrounds are coming together for the communal activity of playing basketball, it's a really lovely thing to be a part of."

Stephen Souky has a long history of involvement with girls' basketball programs in the community and is also an active church member and volunteer. He maintains an active social media profile which he uses to keep in touch with other coaches, parents, friends and family, and to cheer his teams on. Stephen Souky posts the results of his AAU team's games and sometimes even tweets during the games themselves. "I can't help it," Stephen Souky admits. "I get excited."

After one year the AAU squad looks like it has been an unalloyed success. Hopefully it will remain that way for years to come.

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