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11 Sep 2013

Wrestling Reinstated for 2020 Olympic Games

Wrestling Reinstated for 2020 Olympic Games

Seven months after losing its Olympic place in February, wrestling has finally been reinstated for its spot in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. The International Olympic Committee met on Sunday in Buenos Aires to hear the arguments of several sports bidding for a spot in 2020. After receiving 49 votes to win in the first round of secret balloting, the decision was overturned that IOC members, sport fans and members of our AAU Wrestling community thought had to be a big mistake. Wrestling, which has appeared in the Olympic Games dating back to Athens in 1896, was cut from the 2020 program after the IOC executive board made an assessment of the performance of all 26 sports in the 2012 London Olympics. In February the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles with the support of USA Wrestling and the wrestling community immediately sprang into action, launching a six month campaign to revamp the organization and reshape the sport and save its Olympic status. On Sunday, all of their efforts were proven successful. On the heels of this monumental decision President and CEO of the Amateur Athletic Union Henry Forrest had this to say: “I am happy to see that the IOC has decided to reinstate wrestling in the Olympics.  This is great news for the wrestling community and the world of sports as well.  If there is anything that the AAU can do to help promote wrestling, please feel free contact me at the AAU National Office.” AAU’s National Chair for the sport of wrestling, Bob Johnson followed up President Forrest’s statement extending his congratulations and expressing his excitement on this giant leap for his sport. “I would like to congratulate Jim Ravannack and Rich Bender (USA Wrestling) and their team for their successful effort in getting wrestling back in the Olympics!  Truly a history making effort for our kids can continue to carry on a wrestling Olympic dream and the active athletes have something to focus on!  Good luck in upcoming world championships” The AAU is excited that our members will be able to continue to work hard for their athletic futures and the opportunity to strive toward and follow their Olympic dreams! - See more at:

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